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Casino-MategolfThe game of golf was likely developed in Scotland in the Middle Ages, though the true origins of the game remain unclear to this day. Golf did not become popular until the late 19th century, when the United Kingdom and United States started playing it, which led to what we see today! Golf has slowly gained momentum in a number of ways, think about golf betting and how this old age casino game which is sometimes played at topauscasinos has made an impact in the world of sports betting in general.

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Golf is a relatively simple sport on the surface; the players battle the course to achieve the lowest score possible. To achieve this low score, a player simply hits the ball starting at the tee, into the hole, wherever it may lie in as few strokes as possible. Today’s game of golf is generally played in 18 holes, though many courses only cover nine holes, and tournaments typically cover 72 holes.

The oldest rules of golf were probably written for the Company of Gentleman Golfers in 1744. Golf crossed the border from Scotland to England in 1603, when James VI became the King of England. Golf made it across the Atlantic first in 1779, when the English colony published an ad for golf clubs and balls in New York City’s Royal Gazette.

Golf is played with 14 clubs, typically a combination of irons, woods, and a putter. The most common clubs that are used by most golfers are the 1-wood, or driver, the 5-iron, the 7-iron, the 9-iron, and the putter. Irons go from 1 to 9, woods range from 1 to 7, and there are a variety of iron wedges that players can choose to use. There are 35,112 golf courses worldwide, with the majority of courses in the United States.

Maple Online CasinoWilliam Hill bannerA handicap is the number of strokes above par that a player is expected to make on an above-average round of golf, meaning that the lower the handicap score, the better! The rules of golf are few compared to most professional sports, and while some can be complicated, the general rules of the game make it simple enough that anyone of any age and level of skill can successfully play a round of golf, given the right equipment.

The first rule in golf is to play with the right clubs, balls, and attire, as some courses require certain shoes, shorts/pants, and shirts to be worn on their courses. Beyond the most basic rules, golf can be broken down into unwritten rules of etiquette and penalties. Golf is a gentleman’s sport with many etiquette rules.