My Handicap

Bet365 casinoI created to disseminate information about golfing and golfers to the larger world because it is my one passion outside of my work and personal life. With this website, I hope to give golf enthusiasts all the information they need to play golf, follow golf, track golfers, and fall in love with the game just like how some people fall in love with playing online casino games which are sometimes played at jackpots casino.

My Handicap

I have been golfing since I was 6 years old. I started playing at a flat, nine-hole golf course in north central Ohio. The only vacation days I take in a given year for work are during the Masters Tournament, so I can enjoy the greatest gentleman’s sport in the country. I hope that can serve multiple purposes for you.

Centre Court SlotI hope that after browsing around this website, you learn about how golf can transform your life and how golf is the one true sport that is as much internal and personal as it is competitive and external. My golf game is not the best, but I play the sport because of how much control I have over the outcome. Golf is the one game that you can play in which you are always in 100% control of every aspect of the game.

You can choose which course to play, which clubs to bring and use, what to wear (to an extent), how much you want to pay to play, where to play, who to play with (or whether you play by yourself), and how long you would like your round to last. I have about an 11 handicap, but it is one of those things that does not really matter to me. I can go out and shoot in the mid-80s every single round for the rest of my life, and I would be happy.

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My passion from golf started at an early age, but if you are willing to take a cart around a course, spend a few dollars on a set of clubs, and try something new, golf can be a game that you play until you are in your 80s and can barely walk anymore: No other sport can say that.